Introducing Erotica into your bedroom

The Importance of Erotica

All of us have sexual fantasies. It is simply a part of human nature. Sometimes however those fantasies may not be exactly safe or something that our partner may be comfortable with. Enter erotica. A key ingredient for some bedroom spice.

Erotica allows you to explore the fantasies of your partner in a safe way. Reading the stories can bring you closer to your partner emotional as well as be an excellent turn on. This also is a simple step that will liven up your sex life. If you want the  inclusion of erotica in the bedroom to be a more interactive activity you and your partner could act out the action on the page.

Erotica is different than porn for example since it allows more for the imagination and also entices you physically as well as often pulling you in emotionally to the story. Plus you don’t have to put up with the horrible acting.

Where Can I find erotica?

Though the case seems to be that less and less people are anxious about being in a sex store, this is not the only kind of place that sells erotica. Most major bookstore dealers do carry books like these if not at their locations then definitely on their website (unless they happen to be a religious bookstore). You can find many erotica novellas and short stories on websites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble. If you don’t want to have a physical book or erotica in your home because you worry someone may find it, not to worry. You can always download erotica to your e-reader, tablet, laptop, or smartphone. The ebook erotica is also cheaper than traditional smut stories.

If you need some suggestions to start your experience in erotica try these titles via Amazon Kindle.

Bad Teacher: Schooling in Naughty Lessons by Isis O’Shea

Stolen (The Madame X School, prequel) by Jinx Jamison

Beauty Touched the Beast by Skye Warren

Alone Time (Visits to Petal)

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5 Sexy Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Be creative

If you are planning on doing the same old dinner and a movie shtick stop right now!  Everybody has done that and if you are in a new relationship you want something that will set you apart from all of your partners past relationships. If you are in a marriage, changing your traditional Valentine’s day up is an excellent way to spice up your marriage.  You can also avoid long waits for a table and crowded restaurants. If you are unsure of your creativity then I have some suggestions for a great night.

5 Sexy Ideas for Valentine’s Day

1. Change of Scenery:

As I said before going out for dinner on Valentine’s day is old hat. Instead why don’t you stay in where clothes and shoes are optional. If you are luckier than I and live in a warm climate, try having a moonlight picnic in your local park, backyard, or terrace. If you live in a cold area like me have an indoor picnic with soft music and candlelight, or in front of a glowing fire place. This provides an intimate setting where you two can truly talk instead of barely being to hear each other in a restaurant, bar, or lounge.

2. Cuisine:

Since you will be eating in, try making your partner’s favorite food for dinner. If you don’t have very good culinary skills or are just too tired to make up pot roast after work, call his/her favorite restaurant and order his/her favorite dish. Many restaurants offer a carry out option. This also may be cheaper since you will not be charged tax or be expected to tip.  Doing this will show that you care about your partner and notice the little details about them making them feel as if you truly care.

3. Gift

Put the roses and chocolate down and back away slowly. This has been done for forever by everyone in the modern history of Valentine’s Day. Show your lover that they are special to you by giving them something creative. If you are buying the same gift for your partner that you are for your parent, then it is the wrong gift. Unless you have some parental issues. Surprise your partner by taking them to their favorite store and allowing them to pick out a gift for themselves. You could also take them to an adult store and allow them to pick out something that they can use on you later. If you are a woman I would suggest taking your man to a lingerie store and allow him to pick out some outfits and try them on for him ( in this instance he may be so excited, that you won’t have to pay).

If you are short on cash then make something for your partner. You could create a slideshow of pictures of you together set to your song. You could compile poems that remind you of your partner and even contribute some of your own. Another idea would be to make a video expressing how much that person means to you(if you must travel frequently or have a long distance relationship this would be an especially good idea). Write a list of ten things that you love about your partner. The possibilities are boundless and this will mean more to them than chocolates and flowers. They will last way longer too.

If  the more sentimental, poetic side isn’t your style not to worry. You could also create a basket for your partner with things particular to their interests. Is your lover a movie buff?  You could create a basket with new movies, popcorn, theater candy, and  a gift card to your local cinema. Are they into a certain sport? Create a basket with items for that sport, their favorite team or player, and maybe tickets to an event for the two of you. You can look up hundreds of basket ideas on Google for all types of interests and hobbies.

4. Activities

Does your partner enjoy dancing? Create your own exclusive night club for the night at home or see if  there is a Valentine’s Day Dance  in your area. Is your partner into movies? Pick out some flicks that you both will like and cuddle up on the couch for the night. Play a game together(maybe even a sexy one). Cook or bake together if that is what your partner enjoys. If your partner likes to read maybe read out loud to them (this is intensely hot with erotica and romance novels and can help set the mood).

5. Bedroom

So you are ready for your night of romance to meet its peak but you want things to be more fun than usual. What can you do?

  • Share your fantasies with each other
  • Act fantasies out
  • Read some erotica while touching each other
  • Bring in some toys
  • Play a naughty game
  • Do some light bondage (only if you are both comfortable with this)
  • Extend your foreplay
  • Watch an adult video together
  • Strip tease for each other

Those are some of my suggestions on how to spice up things in the bedroom for Valentine’s Day. I’m sure you can think up some more.

I hope you all have a very fun Valentine’s Day and I also hope that some of that fun and bedroom spice lasts into the weekend, for a very sexy Valentine’s Day neither one of you will be forgetting soon.

For some sexy ideas click here

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Free ebook with 10 sexy tips to spice up the bedroom

If you want to enjoy a free ebook and enjoy a wild and fun sex life, or to spice things up in the bedroom. Guys if you are looking to give your wife or girlfriend amazing orgasms then you will want to view this free ebook. This book leads you step-by-step in how to build her up to orgasm.

This 37 page ebook also includes 10 sexy tips to spice up the bedroom. This sexy ebook will help you enjoy awesome sex.  Discover the awesome wild sex life that is waiting for you.It gives you insight into a woman’s psyche and discover what really turns her on and what will make her begging to have sex with you.

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Video on Adding Bedroom Spice to your Marriage

This video highlights a key point for all couples, not just married ones. You and your partner must maintain a mutual respect for each other if you want your relationship to work. Do some small thing everyday for this person to show them how much you care for them and see how fast that can rekindle the flames of passion again.

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Keeping things fresh and surprising each other is very important in order to create bedroom spice.

Originally posted on 93.1 WZAK:

10 Ways to Surprise Him After All These Years

By Redbook



When the sex begins to dwindle (it will) and the obligations start to pile up (they do), rather than settle, sweetly shock your husband. By Anne Roderique-Jones, REDBOOK.

Give him a date, notan obligation
Between driving the kids to school, meetings, and housework – and that’s before noon – keeping things fresh often gets put on the back burner. Make it a priority by tricking him into a sweet surprise. Jessie Dillon of Dallas, TX, and her husband are always trying to get each other to run errands. “It seems that if I’m not asking him to pick up the dry cleaning, I’m having him meet my family for lunch,” she says. “Recently, I decided to surprise him by having him ‘meet me to have his suit tailored.’ He begrudgingly agreed, and when he showed up, I…

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I think he is right. Christianity is a relationship between man and God, and marriage is supposed to mirror that relationship. Everyone is different and every relationship is different. If you have concerns about your desire to spice things up in your marriage and your religious beliefs define what you think spicing up means. If you think it means threesomes then I see where you may think God would object. God does want you to enjoy your spouse in every way,explore each other but only do things that you are both comfortable with.

Originally posted on Timothy Kieswetter's Blog oor Gesonde Seksualiteit:

Q & A’s published in the Vision Magazine April 2012

A. In the same way a non-Christian can spice it up. I believe strongly that we should not think that Christian sex looks different to non-Christian sex. Sex is the same for any person doesn’t matter what culture, race or religion they are from.

It is true that our beliefs will place different restrictions on what is permissible and what is not.

The problem that we had in the past, and still have today, is that there are spiritual leaders who preach their own sexual preferences and from a perspective cluttered with their own past experiences, as the Gospel truth.

The truth is, and the reason why I can’t answer this question with a 10-step formula for spicing up your love life, is that every couple’s sexual relationship will differ. What will be arousing for one couple will be off-putting…

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Simple Ideas to Spicing Up the Bedroom

Spicing Up the Bedroom

Hello Everyone. Welcome to Bedroom Spice, your destination for hot new ways to spice up your sexlife. Today I will give you some hot ideas on spicing up the bedroom with your mate. The spice bedrooms have affect the mood of the room and what you can do in it. Some simple, cheap tips to add spice to the bedroom will allow you to have a comfortable place where you can unwind with your spouse or significant other.

Add sexy colors to your decor:

Red is considered the sexiest color among both men and women, the second is black. While whites and pastels can create a light airy feeling to a room, this is better suited for a living room or an office, not your bedroom. You want to ignite heat and passion from the moment you walk into the room, not feel as if you are in your grandma’s guest bedroom.

Create the mood:

Don’t have your grandma’s antique dolls she gave you or your childhood stuffed animal collection on display in your bedroom. Gentlemen the same goes for action figures and your collectibles. If you are in the beginning of a new relationship you may scare them off and secondly if you want them to be displayed you should put them in a more public area of the house, like in a display case. It will be much easier to spice things up in the bedroom if you don’t have creepy dolls watching you. Also posters do not belong in a adult’s bedroom, this makes you come across as someone who doesn’t want to grow up. Even pinups guys are not a good idea for your bedroom, save that for a wallpaper on your computer. You want to appeal to a person’s sensual side, not their inner teenager.

Incorporate Scents:

It is proven that our sense of smell can be a very powerful memory trigger as well as a turn on. You can use scents in your room such as candles and incense to create a atmosphere that your lover will always remember. Imagine,every time that your lover inhales the scent of vanilla in their daily life  that they will be able to think of you and the wonderful sexual experience that you shared.

These ideas will help to create an environment in which passion can flourish as you add some bedroom spice. I hope this helps you reignite the fire in your relationship or helps you as you build one.